5 Habits that can Save you from Coronavirus at Home

The new and greater rise of covid-19 in 2021 has shaken people after the opening of public places when unlock came into action in India. 

Looks like 2020 is on loop this year too! Amid the covid-19 rise, everyone must take care of their health and until they get vaccinated. However, nothing can be better than taking care of your home hygiene when you have spare time to take things under control at home. 

Here are the top five home hygiene tips to protect your family and yourself from the spread of coronavirus at home. 

Clean the Commonly Touched Surfaces of your Home 

Clean Home

A person-to-person touch is the most dangerous dissemination of the virus; you should also beware of surfaces where a virus can get you flu or cold, making your immune weak. Take a microfibre cloth or clean cloth, spray the surface with a disinfectant, and gently clean it with the cloth. Surface-like doorknobs, handles, or light switches, etc., must be taken care of. 

Watch Out for the Cleaning Supplies 

It’s good that you clean every corner of the house every day with a disinfectant, but what about the tools or supplies you use during the cleaning sessions? 

It is best recommended to use a mop, cloth or sponge; once you are done cleaning, clean these supplies with warm water. Warm water is sufficient; to make the supplies super clean, you need to dry them in intense sunlight or some drier. 

The best option could be, using a one-use or disposable cloth or wipes to clean once and throw them later after use. 

Don’t Miss Out on Electronics

Electronics device

The most infected or the dirtiest surface could be of your phone; why? Because it travels with you along, almost everywhere. 

The plain surfaces of the home can bring millions of germs and viruses near your mouth or nose that can risk infections.

Clear your phone’s plain often with an alcohol-based liquid or warm soapy water every day to ensure your phone is germs free. Do it with shared electronics like keyboards, mice and remote controls also.

Keep Safe of your Kitchen

The kitchen at your home should be the most hygienic place as the food coming from the kitchen can be contaminated and make you sick. 

Often wash your hands while preparing food, clean veggies and fruits with warm water. Only give designated utensils for the sick member at your home. Clean the utensils with water and soap or with warm water after every use. 

The Bathroom Should not be Avoided


Bathrooms are one of the places that come on the priority list in terms of hygiene. To ensure high-standard cleanliness, keep your toilet seats, showers and sinks disinfected frequently. Do not place multiple toothbrushes at one place; store one at each designated place. Separate towels from the sick person at your home. 


While it’s not easy to maintain hygiene outside in public places, the home is where hygiene is under our control. Following this hygiene routine at home can protect you and your loved ones from many deadly viruses, especially from coronavirus. Share this article with your loved ones and follow carechef on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more updates. 

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