5 Effective ways to Boost Brain Power

Once you conquer your brain, you can conquer the world as it has the potential to build you into a highly intellectual person. Remember the arguments and debates you regretted later for not speaking your brain out at the moment? 

That is because the presence of the mind can’t always be present with you. These five effective ways can boost your brainpower from super to splendid to always keep you moving through unique ideas, thoughts, creativity and increase your IQ level so that you work your ways more smartly. 

1. Be Curious 

Be Curious 

I hope you’re one of the humans that doesn’t run out of questions. Whenever you look for something new or know about it, don’t just speak; ask it out. Generate curiosity in you! When you raise a question for something you are curious about, your brain gets active and creates innovative thoughts and ideas. 

2. Do New Every Day 

You can’t force yourself every time, but it’s time to work your brain with new ideas that you can work upon. Stop the rut you do daily. Be active with your brain. This will stimulate the brain nerves boosting the power to learn the new thing and adapting it. Do new dance moves, some new exercise or even new recipes every morning. 

3. Exercise Daily 

brain Exercise

You want your brain moving? It will only take an hour to give your body daily to involve in some cardio, weight lifting, jogging etc. laziness will never let your brain boost up; if you wish to learn things early and faster, you have to stand up from your couch and exercise daily. 

4. Time to Train your Brain 

When you involve your brain cells in quantitative activities, it stimulates the fluids to work more than boost your brainpower. Now, not only wish but train your brain and try to learn phone numbers, debit or credit card details, do little quantitative exercises daily or take a brain tester game. 

5. Have a Healthy Diet 

Healthy Diet

Studies show that eating healthy food daily is 20% consumed by the brain cells. Not only do you feed food to your growling stomach, but your brain wants some nutrients to increase your intellectual powers.


So sharpen your brain power with these five activities daily and comment down your IQ level on the comment section box. Share these five effective brain power stimulating ways to your friends and family and follow us for amazing facts and ideas on Twitter, Instagram and whatsapp. 

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