5 Easy ways to Open a Locked Door when the Key is Lost

The worst and frustrating experience can be forgetting about the keys when you step out of home with the door locked, realizing that the keys are inside the house. A more annoying experience could be forgetting the keys in your locked car, which seems impossible to unlock without any expert. Here are the five tips on how you can open the door without the key.  

1. Lock-Picking 


Step 1: Insert the tension wrench into the lock and rest it on the opposite side from where the key’s teeth would typically rest. If you are not aware of which way the lock turns, turn the wrench to identify its direction. 

Step 2: Hold the tension wrench bent in the correct direction and insert the rake into the lock towards the teeth of the keys. Push and pull the rake out of the lock and twist it until it works.

Step 3: you should feel the key pin reach the shear line by working the rake in the lock and Twist the tension wrench in the accurate direction; it should open the lock spring. 

2. Drill Machine 

Drill Machine 

Drilling the lock should be considered the last solution as it will destroy the lock and once. It will destroy the internal lock‘s components making it for no later use. 

Once it’s done, you have to replace the complete lock with a new one if you are willing to use it. To accurately destroy the lock, find the suitable sized drill bit, drill the top part of the critical path. 

You don’t have to push too hard; slowly go through each pin (almost 5-6 pins of the lock). Also, shield your eyes with eye protection glass to protect it from flying metal. 

3. Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Credit cards can sometimes come into use when you are in danger. To unlock the door, you need to insert the credit card between a door and a strike plate and push the latch out. You need to do it multiple times to succeed and reach a latch the right way. Try changing an angle and the direction of the card to open it.  

4. Butter Knife

Butter Knife


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In place of paper clips or a lock-picking, a butterknife can also come handy to pick the lock. You may be able to pop open the lock by inserting the knife blade into the lock as far as it goes and applying pressure in different directions. You have to try this way multiple times from different angles to make it a success. 

5. Shoelace 


Take out your shoelace from your shoe and tie a slipknot in the middle. Cautiously thread the knotted end between the frame of the car and door. 

Twist and turn the knot downwards using both sides of the shoelace. It may take multiple tries, but you might be able to loop the knot over the car’s locking mechanism and pull on one side to tighten the knot. 

While applying appropriate pressure, pull up on both sides of the shoelace to open the lock.


These are the best DIY methods you can try to pop the door lock that got locked accidentally. However, these DIYs do not give any guarantee that they will surely open up the doors, it might work sometimes, and sometimes you have to help yourself by calling a professional. Follow carechef on FB, Instagram, and Twitter to get updated about our upcoming tips and unique articles. 

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