5 Cool Ways to wear a Basic T-shirt

You just need to look around, and you will find most of the crowd wearing t-shirts casually pairing up with jeans that you might be tired of. 

If you are part of the crowd and want to think out of the group wearing basic t-shirts daily in a casual way, then you are on the right page. 

We will cover a showdown that can turn your basic t-shirt looks into style icons that you can experiment with daily pairing with different clothes. 

1. Jump on a Tracksuit 


Yes! You heard it right. Pair up your basic white tee with a tracksuit, and gear up the style with a pair of earrings to give a little glam to this athletics look. You will surely enjoy this look in your get together or hang out with friends. 

2. Tee + Cool Blazer 

You would have worn a blazer over a basic t-shirt in casual meetings with your colleagues, but have you ever made it too simple with denim shorts? This will give you ever killing look at parties with matching accessories like a locket and handcuffs. 

3. Tee with Co-Ords 

Pick out your favourite co-ord set out of your wardrobe and mix it with your basic white tee, Goosebumps! Such a fashionista! You can wear it on evening dates or when you are going out to sip a hot mocha in Starbucks cafe. 

4. With a Pleated Skirt 

Skirt Tshirt

Ever tried your basic t-shirt with a pleated skirt on the bottom? Imagine pairing it up together will definitely make you look cute and sassy at the same time. You want to go out on a cute date; this adorable look will get your crush’s attention towards you.  

5. Pair up with a Denim Jacket 

with a Denim Jacket 

Basic t-shirts with denim make you look …. to wooow and to add up more spiciness to this lookout for pointy heels to give yourself a chic and edgy look at the same time. 

You want a hangout, wear it, fix a date? Wear it, cafe meetups? Wear it, and you will never get bored of this edgy look.  

Bottom line 

If you have reached till here, I hope you would have found the perfect look to spice up your basic t-shirt looks. However, there are many ways you can experiment with your wardrobe essentials and basics differently because life is too short for boring clothes. Follow carechef for unique dressing and fashion ideas and find us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

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