5 Amazing Morning Drinks to Lose Belly Fat Faster

Are you waiting for the day to fit in your brand new pair of jeans that you bought from your favorite shopping place? 2020 has indeed made most of the work-from-home culture into a couch potato routine that people have adapted for a long and now willing to lose weight. 

These amazing morning drinks can do wonders in your weight loss journey if you drink them on an empty stomach every morning to fasten your metabolism and help you lose weight faster. 

1. Cumin or Jeera water 

Cumin or jeera water 

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Undoubtedly, India has jeera in its every masala cuisine and must have spice, but not all people know the beneficial factors of cumin + water. 

Take a tbsp of jeera and add in a glass of water, leave it overnight and strain the water from the jeera the next morning. This drink will speed the weight-loss process as a low-calorie drink that boosts digestion and melts the belly fast.   

2. Fennel or saunf water 

Fennel or saunf water 

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Saunf or fennel seed is one of the ancient remedies to combat bloating and indigestion. It helps to detox your body by its diuretic properties. 

Mix fennel seeds with a glass of water and leave it overnight. The next morning strains the water from seeds and drink it empty stomach to boost up your metabolism. 

3. Carom or ajwain water 

Carom or ajwain water 

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Carom seeds are also known as ajwain in Hindi that can make your belly from fat to flat. 

Roast the ajwain a little and add 2 tbsp in a glass of water and leave it overnight. 

Strain the water or mix well and drink it the next morning to feel the belly fat burn. Ajwain helps your gut to absorb nutrients more and digest the food faster. 

4. Lemon water 

Lemon water 

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Lemon water is everyone’s favorite drink, whether its a toddler or an adult. The most drank drink in the summers can do wonders for you by getting into your weight loss schedule. 

Squeeze one or a half lemon in a glass of water, add 1 tbsp honey (optional) and enjoy the drink every morning. Lemon water has antioxidants and pectin fibers that help to reduce weight faster. 

5. Green Tea

Green Tea

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Green tea has its traces back to ancient times that help to fasten metabolism and lose belly fat quickly. Over the last few decades, it has come into weight loss practices that have antioxidants (catechins) to boost metabolism.

Avoiding sugar in your green tea can reap the maximum benefits out of it; still, if you want to add some taste, you can squeeze a lemon in it. 

Bottom line 

You might feel lowkey at the start of your weight loss journey, but it will be fun later when you see a difference in your body by including these drinks in your morning routine. Not only do these drinks help you to reduce your belly fat, but they also make your gut feel good and make your immunity strong to strengthen your physique. 


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