4 Myths about Wearing Masks

Due to covid-19, wearing masks has become mandatory in this unprecedented time and is the new normal for people now. With a wide range from style, material, design and purpose, masks come in different variants, but some myths revolve around people wearing masks these days. So let’s debunk these four myths about wearing masks.

Face Mask

1. Myth 1: Masks are not necessary until you get sick

Many people believe that they don’t need to wear a mask to prevent the spread of any bacteria unless they have the symptoms of the virus. One of the prominent things we have learned about Coronavirus is that many people that catch it can show little or no clear symptoms. As it can be hard to determine a person with the virus, it makes sense for everyone to wear a mask.

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2. Myth 2: The Mask Only Needs To Cover My Mouth

Mask mustn’t just cover your mouth and your nose as you can quickly spread or catch germs through your nostrils. Ensure that your mask is comfortable around your mouth and nose and isn’t too tight but allows you to breathe without feeling too suffocated.

3. Myth 3: Wearing a mask makes you sick

There have been some recent rumors about the potential dangers of wearing a cloth face mask. Many people claimed that wearing a mask could cause you to rebreathe the carbon dioxide you’re exhaling, making you ill. This is improbable to happen when wearing a face mask, especially if you’re only wearing your mask for short periods.

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Myth 4: Masks are safe for everyone

The truth is, not everyone has to and should wear a face mask. A person with trouble breathing and children under the age of two shouldn’t wear masks. One must consult a doctor if you have concerns about protecting yourself appropriately while keeping everyone around you safe.


As sincere citizens of our country, its our sole responsibility to look after the people around us and us to win the battle over covid-19 by coming together. Also, beware of such rumors around you and if you hear one, make sure you have checked them with genuine resources. Share this article with your friends, near ones and family and don’t forget to check on them. Follow us on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more facts and tips on health.

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