4 Foods that should be Avoided Pre-Workout

When you start your day with a calorie-burning session with HIIT or weight training, consuming something pre-workout is what gives most of the fuel to gear up your workout sessions. But wait! Are you sure you are consuming the right food items before you start the workout training? Wrong food choices may not only affect your health but also degrade the workout performance. Here are the list of food items that you must avoid before a workout.


1. Carbonate drinks

Gulping down carbonated drinks can never be a good idea pre-workout, as they may lead to stomach cramps and nausea during your sweat session. Also, since fizzy drinks are loaded with sugar amounts, they may lead to a sugar crash. It’s better to choose a plain glass of water instead.

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2. Milk

While a glass of milk may seem an ideal choice before hitting the gym, you should avoid gulping down the same before a workout. Milk might make you feel nauseous, gassy and prevent your body from working out with ease. You can save dairy products like cheese, yogurt and milk as your post-workout snacks as they are rich in fat.

3. Spicy food

This one is a big no for pre-workout. If your stomach is craving chili noodles before hitting the workout, It is highly avoided. Spicy food items cause heartburn and general discomfort and also may lead to cramping. All this can ultimately slow down your workout performance.

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4. Beans

While legumes are high in protein, they also take time to digest as they are rich in fibers. This can lead to digestive distress and bloating during your workout session. So it’s better to avoid an uncomfortable position to be in while you sweat it out with these legumes.


The importance of pre-workout is seen when you put your body at work during a sweaty workout session. Yes, it’s important to keep a balanced diet, but some food items like those mentioned above should be strictly avoided before harming your health in any case. Share this article with your gym-going friends and follow us on FB, Twitter and instagram for more tips and facts on fitness.

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