10 Tips to Kickstart your YouTube Channel this Pandemic

The globe has almost shifted to the digital era in recent decades, and Pandemic has helped people push a little further to become digital creators on social media platforms. This made YouTube ignite creativity in People’s hearts and come up with innovative channels.

If you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel to show your creative side instead of crawling on the couch like other watchers, this is the article just made for you. Here are the ten essential tips to kickstart your YouTube channel in the right way.

1. Arrange the Best Equipment 

best video equipment

It is important to find the video and audio equipment to launch better Youtube channel videos, different and sound from others. Better video and crisp audio sound make you perform better than other YouTube channels. 

Video quality shouldn’t be compromised because that’s what people watch? Phone cameras are fine, but if you want your watchers to stick with your content, find DSLRs or mirrorless cameras compatible with your budget. Also, invest in a good quality microphone with voice cancellation. 

2. Simple Editing Software 

Editing Software

Don’t tangle yourself in complex or professional video editing software as it is your very beginning. Struggling with software like Final Cut Pro (Apple) is just a fool thing. You can pick the best user-friendly applications like Windows Moviemaker or Apple iMovie. Not only you get user-friendly applications, but editing is easy and simple with them. 

3. Plan Content 

Before you head towards uploading your first ever video, jotting down your content- what will be the theme, what will be the channel about, what audience will watch it, etc., will make it easier for you to follow the flow of YouTube and gain popularity. 

It will widely show better results than directly uploading videos on your channel. Plans give you direction on where the channel will go and how successful it could be later. 

4.Inspire Yourself 

Planning and creating new content that’s unique becomes a little challenging at first. There are plenty of video creators on Youtube from whom you can get a little help by taking ideas on how you can do it rightly in your channel. 

It has never been a good idea to compare your channel with other creators; if you focus on your channel only and be sincere to your ideas, the watchers will also love your art. 

5. Make Your Video’s Every Second Count

Clipping unnecessary video shots while editing can be time taking and useless as well. You should be very careful while selecting the best shots you can add and take to the final cut. This will make your content more clear and unique and have better communication with the audience. 

You can upload videos such as BTS or nonsensical shots when you have grown your channel with a massive audience and see your content as a viewer; it will make the content clearer. 

6. Optimize Channel With Search And SEO 


Growing your channel is all about increasing its visibility with a relevant description. The more visible your channel is, the more reach it will get, the more popular you will become. 

Include main keywords and tags that best describe your video content. It will not only help in reaching your right audience but also help your channel rank on all search engines. 

7. Build a Network With Social Media 

Social Media 

Youtube is all about creating, sharing and collaborating. So don’t ever hesitate to grow your network on Youtube via friends, family and collaborating with other larger Youtubers. 

This will surely help you gain more subscribers and help your channel grow, gaining exposure among Youtube. 

8. Connect to Viewers 

Connection with your viewers works like fuel to grow your Youtube channel with more speed. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, these all social media platforms work like extensions to your Youtube channel. 

Take time to connect with your viewers, answer their queries, solve their questions and read responses. This fosters a sense of community and helps subscribers learn more about you. 

9. Ignore the Negative Comments 

Youtube was and always will be the hotbed for ruthless people hiding conveniently behind their blank avatars. No matter if you have a small or big Youtube channel, be ready to see negative comments and haters in the comment box. 

They speak out and are good for nothing that always tries to bring people down. Learn not to please everyone; seek strength through people who appreciate you and inspire you. 

10. Upload Regularly 

To make a thing successful in your life, you always need to be consistent with it. Take your best time to think about uploading a video every twice a week or at least once so that your viewers get the idea of when they can watch your videos. 

This pattern makes it easier to gain subscribers as Youtube synchronizes the algorithm with your channel. Make sure you stick to your schedule; this will improve the quality of your content also. 


It takes zero pence to start a Youtube channel; it could be the golden chance for you to showcase your art or talent that the world could see and inspire from you. Also, you can unlock monetization once you reach a good number of subscribers and make money with your video content. Share this to your friends and family members who are thinking of starting their first Youtube channel. Follow us on Instagram, FB and Twitter for more unique facts and tips. 

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