10 Best Zero Investment Business Ideas to Kick Start

Are you one of the dreamers with small pockets and billionaire dreams? According to CMIE, the people employed in 9-5 jobs are over 39.4%, whereas the rest are unemployed or are entrepreneurs. 

Most people leave the thought of running a business by looking in their pockets. The good news is you can dream of starting a business at ZERO investment that can give you a good ROI. 

Almost every youngster and people with big dreams seek to run a business but don’t have the proper guidance. In this article, you are about to witness the 10 best zero investment ideas that can take off your business in a smart way. 

1. Blogging or Freelance writing 

Blogging or Freelance writing 

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One of the top zero-investment business ideas are likely online blogging or writing for websites, products, services, etc. that only takes your idea and writing skills to generate leads.

If you are a natural writer, there is no stopping. Various business opportunities can come on your way by offering editorials, technical articles, posts, blogs on products, etc. other websites and business owners. 

2. Online Seller 

Online seller 

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You can showcase your art and craft or any product you make at home on online platforms. Ask your friends and families to help your products reach other audiences via social media platforms like instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. 

The other way you can opt is to sell your products on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, etc., where you can find thousands of customers interested in your DIY or art pieces. 

3. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing 

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In affiliate marketing, you can get commissioned by the only recommendation. Doesn’t it sound easy? 

All you have to do is recommend people to another venture’s product and services on your social media platforms and get commissions on each purchase from your recommendation. 

4. SEO Executive 

SEO Executive 

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Many entrepreneurs nowadays wish for their websites and brands to reach thousands of audiences that can thrive with SEO strategies. 

If you know the SEO strategies, all you need to do is master your skills and offer people online to rank and optimize their websites with your smart SEO strategies. This way, you can even start an SEO agency.

5. Publish a Book 

Publish a Book 

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This might sound crazy or hard to achieve, but how will you reach your life goals when you don’t plan them. 

If you are good at writing stories, novels, drafts in different genres, then keep going, and you can be one of the best-selling books’ authors.

 6. Website Designer 

 Website Designer 

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Web development is now what’s on a trend for businesses all over the world. In this modern era, most businesses are switching to online selling and marketing, and that’s who you are going to target. It takes zero pence to be a website developer; you will only charge for your skills to design or develop websites for businesses.

7. You Tuber

You Tuber

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YouTube is the best platform to showcase your skills and ideas about your products or art without investing a single penny. 

All you need is you, a camera and a place to record videos, that’s all. Later, when your youtube channel reaches thousands to millions of subscribers, many advertising agencies and businesses can pitch you for sponsorship, and of course, you can earn a lot with youtube monetization. 

8. Graphic Designer 

Graphic Designer 

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Not every audience enjoy reading; business websites seek skilled graphic designers who can enhance their websites with ideal designs, creative graphics, and unique logos. Pictures say it all; improving your designing skills can make you earn thousands to millions.

9. Freelance Editor

Freelance Editor

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Undoubtedly, businesses and website owners don’t have enough time to look after every aspect of their writing piece, so you can grab this opportunity if you are an expert in English grammar and have excellent speaking skills. You can attract many clients with your extensive skills, and as a freelance editor, you will get to edit magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, books, indexes, web content, ghost articles, etc.

10. Social Media Executive 

Social Media Executive 

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Almost 1/3rd of businesses are boosting their reach on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. By being a Social media executive, you can help your clients reach massive traffic online on different social media platforms and later start an agency. 


 Business doesn’t only mean investing piles of money; a great business always starts with a great idea. So if you dare to kick start your own dream business, do it NOW! Stop striving for money always; if you have a big vision in your mind, you can become a great entrepreneur starting with zero investment. 

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